Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Saving the bridge

Hello everyone, long time no hear!

Lately, I was busy with saving the beautiful, historic bridge across river Kander near village of Eifeld, in Bern Canton. The bridge was built in the end on XIX century.
Here it is:

According to calculations of engineer, there is a problem with fatigue of the main beams. That is why he proposed to change them to new ones. Of course, this would change the way the bridge looks, not mentioning the cost...
That is why we have decided to perform the short-term monitoring to check the real efforts in the beams. After two days of work on-site, the monitoring was running automatically for one month.
The results shown clearly that no fatigue effect is possible, and the efforts were much smaller than calculated.

All in all, lots of money was saved thanks to this. And, most important, the monument was kept untouched.

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