Friday, 5 January 2018

The new year!

Hello everyone

I have really started my adventure with INFRASTAR and EPFL almost exactly one year ago.

2017 was extremely fruitful to me, including the new knowledge that I have gathered.

Especially the last weeks of the year were quite busy. At EPFL the first year of PhD is to some extend preparatory. It is the time to get into the field of works and prepare the schedule for the rest of the four years PhD program. After the first year, the candidacy exam takes place.

Mine happened on 21.12.2017, so just before the Christmas break.
I had to present my achievements so far, and the detailed research plan and schedule to the jury. Then, some difficult questions about the scientific background followed.
The exam itself is quite similar to the PhD private defense, except that no experts from outside of EPFL are invited. It is to check not only the planning and knowledge, but also the "soft" skills, so how do the candidate react on difficult questions, how he or she formulates the answers etc.

After the successfully passed exam and the whole year of hard work, I went for my Christmas holidays.

Since we are still in the very beginning of the new year, I wish to everyone the very happy 2018!


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